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Wereld van de Haai (World of Sharks) began as an inspirational idea by a small group of people whose main desire was to broaden peoples knowledge of the ocean, it’s marine life and especially that of the perilous life expectancy of our sharks. We would like to acknowledge the following companies and foundations for the use of their databases. Many of these organizations have dedicated their lives to help preserve our oceans and all of its marine life.

​We would also like to commemorate Rob Stewart who died tragically during a diving accident whilst filming a sequel to Sharkwater; Shark Extinction. Rob fought tirelessly during his short period of life against the illegal shark fin trade. You can read more about Rob on our website. 

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​The images on this website have been obtained from Flickr, Pixabay and in some cases with written permission from their respective owners. We would like to emphasize that we only use uncredited images for an article only when and if absolutely necessary to emphasize the content of the article. However, most uncredited pictures come mainly from Pixabay where accreditation of images is not required.

In the footer on this website, we have added links to the licensing conditions of Flickr and Pixabay, a link to the website of the International Union of Conservation of Nature and a link to the Coral Reef Image Bank. This organization is entirely dependent on donations to continue with their much-needed work. 

Wereld van de Haai always credits images and always asks permission to use copyright images when and where possible. If by any chance you do come across images that you own on our website and that you have not given permission to use, please contact us and we will remove them from our website.

Wereld van de Haai is a non-commercial website. All costs are paid for by the owners.


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